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We have created a number of policy briefs in association with UNICEF. They can be found here: External Link

All other policy briefs and working papers can be found below:

Policy Brief: Parenting for Lifelong Health for Young Children: Findings from a Randomized Trial in South Africa

Policy Brief: Parenting for Lifelong Health: Supporting Families in Low-Resource Settings

Policy Brief: Adolescent Health is Affected by Family Disadvantage and Abusive Parenting

Policy Brief:  ‘Cash plus care’ halves adolescent HIV-risk behaviours

Policy Brief: Parenting, Family Care and Adolescence in East and Southern Africa: An evidence-focused literature review

Policy Brief: Social protection can reduce HIV risk behaviours among adolescents

Policy Brief: Combination social protection improves adolescent ART-adherence

Policy Brief: Combination social protection reduces new HIV infections in adolescents

Policy Brief: Social Protection: Potential for improving HIV outcomes among adolescents

Policy Brief: Social Protection and the Sustainable Development Goals

Policy Brief: Combination social protection lowers unprotected sex in HIV-positive adolescents

Policy Brief: Adolescent pregnancy among sexually-active South African girls

Policy Brief: Combatting internalised HIV stigma - Urgent need for research evidence

Policy Brief: Cash transfers halve HIV-infection risk for adolescent girls

Policy Brief: Pathways from parental AIDS to psychological, education and HIV risks for children

Policy Brief: Abuse and extreme poverty drive increased transactional sex exploitation among AIDS-affected youth

Policy Brief: Long-term stigma, anxiety, and depression in HIV/AIDS-orphaned children

Policy Brief: Negative education impacts for children in AIDS-sick homes

Policy Brief: Psychological distress in youth with AIDS-sick caregivers

Policy Brief: TB in children with AIDS-affected caregivers

Policy Brief: Long-term mental health impacts of AIDS-orphanhood

Policy Brief: The protective role of social support for caregiver mental health

Policy Brief: Depression among caregivers of orphaned and vulnerable children

Policy Brief: PTSD among carergivers of orphaned and vulnerable children

Policy Brief: Positive parenting in families affected by HIV and AIDS

Policy Brief: Risk factors for severe physical and emotional child and adolescent abuse 

Policy Brief: Preventing child abuse and interpersonal violence in low- and middle-income countries: Parenting interventions

Policy Brief: HIV-status disclosure does not correlate to safer sex in adolescents 

Bray, R. (2012). Policy Brief: Evidence to support broad-based responses to children living with AIDS in the family.

Bray, R. (2012). Understanding norms and practices around care and illness: Where do children fit?

Bray, R. (2012). Charting the terrain of childhood, adult sickness, and care: Ethnographic research in a poor, peri-urban community affected by AIDS.

Working Paper: De Stone, S., Meinck, F., Sherr, L., Cluver, L., Doubt, J., Orkin, F.M., Kuo, C., Sharma, A.D., Hensels, I., Skeen, S., Redfern, A., Tomlinson, M. (2016). Factors Associated with Good and Harsh Parenting of Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents in Southern Africa, Innocenti Working Papers no. IWP_2016_20, UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, Florence

Peer-Reviewed Publications


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